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Proverbs 31 as the Patriarchy read it. Updated for the 21st century.

A wife of noble character who can find in the feminist landscapeShe is worth more than merry maids Her husband has complete control of herAnd gets no pushback She does everything he wantsAll the days of her life She makes everything from scratch.And works with eager hands. She is an amazing cookBringing food from herContinue reading “Proverbs 31 as the Patriarchy read it. Updated for the 21st century.”

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day set aside to remember the 6 Million+ Jews murdered by the Nazi regime. It is a day to proclaim that we will Never Forget what happened so that it will Never Again happen. To truly honor and remember the 6 Million+ Jews, we must not only remember theirContinue reading “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

Coup attempt in DC

I don’t know how I will capture my thoughts and feelings, but I think it’s important. Today is a historic moment. What should have been a boring parliamentary procedure with a predetermined outcome has descended into a coup attempt in DC. You can’t be raised inside the Evangelical bubble and not have a deep-seated loveContinue reading “Coup attempt in DC”

Missing the Plot: An Update on the Presbytery of the Southeast

Originally posted on Aimee Byrd:
A couple weeks ago, those who pressed formal charges against Michael Spangler were approached by the committee that was formed in the Presbytery of the Southeast (PSE). They were asked to drop their charges against Spangler, because they had come up with their own charges. They believed their charges to…

Fact or Fiction

Growing up, I was taught that Christianity was about Truth. And because it was true, there was evidence to back it up. We would watch documentaries on Noah’s Arc or where the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea in school. Teachers would present any find that proved the Bible’s historicity, even just a vase with aContinue reading “Fact or Fiction”

Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church

Originally posted on Aimee Byrd:
“Our responses to the vulnerable expose who we are.” As I said, three great books on abuse in the church have released this fall. Diane Langberg’s Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church is now completing my set of reviews. Dr. Langberg is an expert in this field,…

Justice As Integrity

Originally posted on Faith, Philosophy and Politics:
Every word that public evangelicals uttered in the 90s about the importance of integrity in leadership now serves as an indictment of their own unfitness to lead. But more important than the rank hypocrisy of public evangelicals is the matter of how we arrived at a place where,…


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