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Jesus and John Wayne

Just some quotes from this new book. Its taking a bit to process all the information presented in this book.

Freedom Sunday

At First Baptist Church in Dallas, Robert Jeffress hosted what has become his annual Freedom Sunday. I’m not going to bury the lead; this was a campaign event masquerading as a church service and not something that Christians should tolerate. The only worship that was done at First Baptist yesterday was toward the United StatesContinue reading “Freedom Sunday”

Purity Culture

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault will be talked about in this post. Yesterday I wrote about how the culture of the church lends itself to protecting predators. One aspect of that culture is “Purity Culture.” I know that many people have talked about purity culture, but I think the more voices there are, the more likelyContinue reading “Purity Culture”

Deepfaking DARVO

Originally posted on Aimee Byrd:
Deny, Attack, Reverse the Victim and the Offender Steven Wedgeworth has posted an article claiming he has been doxed and deepfaked by a malicious group of people. I would be one of those malicious people, because I shared the Genevan Commons Screenshots website on my blog. And I did that…

Athlete A and Churches

Disclaimer: This blog post will be talking about Sexual Assault.   Yesterday the Documentary Athlete A premiered on Netflix. It tells the story of the investigative reporters at the IndyStar who began to investigate sexual assault allegations within United States Gymnastics (USAG) and the survivors who would come forward. After their first article was published, “A BlindContinue reading “Athlete A and Churches”

Gaslighting and Misogyny

Over at The Daily Genevan, a new open letter was posted in response to the open letter posted here about the outing of Genevan Commons (GC) on Facebook in the wake of Aimee Byrd, leaving the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and the Mortification of Spin podcast. Now I’m sure others will respond to this letterContinue reading “Gaslighting and Misogyny”


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